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Full Wiring Harness Set for the 900 Z1 consisting of:
- the main harness
- the battery tray harness
- gauge cluster harness (incl. bulbs)
- and taillight section harness
Code: WH725F

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Chain protection guard with engraved Model number, long model - polished stainless steel.
Code: CGK650/900/1000

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Accelerator Pump Rebuild Kit for all KZ650 and KZ1000 model bikes equipped with the accelerator pump, i.e. the 1979 and 1980 KZ650B/C/D and F models, as well as the 1979-1981 KZ1000 A/B/C/D and E models. The set includes as shown the 2 diaphragms plus springs and check valve needed when doing a full rebuilt on those carburetor sets. These diaphragms are not included in the regular carburetor rebuilt kit available for these bikes, which are sold separately.
Code: APK790

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For all of you that were waiting for a reliable electronic ignition that is easy to install we’ve found a system in Germany that installs literally in minutes and is compatible with your Kawasaki’s stock components, saving you not only time but also money for additional coils and regulators.
The FOURTEC Electronic Ignition System is a simple replacement of the factory installed ignition breaker plate, as it connects to the factory specs (app. 4.5 Ohms) ignition coils in minutes. Once set you will never have to mess with points adjustments again.
Available for all 900 & 1000cc 4-cylinder engines from 1972 into the early 80s, difference being only the rotor that replaces the stock steel unit off the ignition advancer shaft. Correct replacement rotor has to be determined for ordering the matching system for your bike by looking up the factory marking on the ignition advancer near the 1 / 4 OT mark.

Code: FEI700

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Reproduction 3in3 exhaust system just like the original for the 1972-73 750 H2 models. Made in Japan these have an excellent fit and come with the correct baffles inserted to maintain the distinguishable H2 exhaust note. 3 chrome muffler/header set with hardware as shown.

Code: EX750H2

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Clutch Cable adjuster with set nut as shown. Mounts into the clutch perch to adjust clutch setting on the fly.
Code: CAS720

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Set of 2 specialty washers and 2 cap nuts for mounting one driver’s peg bracket to the frame. Replace your dented cap nut and the dull looking washer with this fresh set, one set does one side.
Code: FPN720

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Stock style pair of lower gauge covers in a gloss black finsih for the speedometer and tach of any KZ 650/900/1000 and 900 Z1.
Code: GBB730

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Quality replacement Alternator Stator for all 750/900/1000cc engines as used in the Z1900 + Z2 750 models, KZ900A+B as well as KZ1000 A/B and Police models until 1980 with output values equivalent to factory specs. Won't fit MKII or J- engines.
Code: ZGC720

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Finally available is a quality reproduction of the Z1R muffler, an item that was close to impossible to find in the past in any type of usable condition. Our muffler comes in a complete set that includes the muffler body itself, the front clamp as well as the mounting bracket with rubber bumper for the main stand.
Code: Z1RMUF

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Replacement foam for the Z1/KZ900/1000 seats used from 1972 to 1978. Enables you to redo your seat if you like to keep your useable original seat pan when doing a restoration on the seat in combination with one of our seat covers.

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Cam Chain Tensioner - this quality tensioner is manually adjustable and therefore puts your engine's fait in your hands, unlike the stock automatic tensioners that have a tendency to skip a beat when the throttle is closed suddenly at high rpm. This allows the cam to go momentarily out of time, and can result in bent valves and/or serious engine damage. Hydraulic style tensioners have furthermore a tendency to put too much tension on the chain guide under high rpm/high oil pressure conditions resulting in premature wear. Both problems can be eliminated with the installation of a manual tensioner. No matter what the engine does, the cam chain tension will remain constant!
Also recommended when you want to put an end to a noisy engine due to cam chain slop in idle, and an absolute "must have" for all "built" engines.
Fits all Z1900 as well as KZ900 and KZ1000 engines from 1972 to 1980

Code: CTZ1

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Quality reproduction of the LH engine or alternator cover. Correct for all Z1900 and KZ900/1000 produced between 1972 and 1978. Often the first part to get shaved or cracked when riding hard you have now the opportunity to replace an unsightly engine cover with this affordable replacement. We recommend to order our order number AG730, the replacement stator lead wire grommet, to replace the hardened grommet that inserts into this cover and assure a tight seal, preventing seepage of oil after replacement of the engine cover.
Code: LEC728

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Reproduction part of Kawasaki part number 25008-045; this cast aluminum gauge bracket is correct for all KZ650s/900s/1000s built from 1976 to 1980. This bracket often ends up in two pieces, should the bike have gone down hard. Previously not available you have finally the opportunity to simply replace it with this reproduction piece, rather than going through the "needle in a haystack" search or end up with a costly repair of your original piece. Comes complete as shown with padding.
Code: KZGB

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KZ1000A motorcycle, red spoke wheel model pin like the KZ1000A1/A2. Die-cast Chromed Metal Pin with colored inlays, app. 1.5" wide.
Click here for more motorcycle Pins now available!
Code: PIN1000A

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Frame to fuel tank rubber dampener; slotted rubber barrel slips over back of frame to contribute to the tanks correct fit. Often missing it results in a sloppy fit of your tank to the frame. Sold individually, two dampeners needed per bike. Fits all H1s, H2s, 900 Z1s, KZ900s and KZ1000s, as well as many other Kawasaki models.
Additional rubber parts needed for a tight fit of your tank would be the front rubber dampeners code 92075-125, which is also listed on this webpage, as well as our fuel tank band FTB720.
Click Here for more NEW Rubber Parts now available

Code: 92075-084

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KERKER MEGAPHONE System, correct design from the early 80´s, when Kerker manufactured the race systems for the legendary Eddie Lawson Replica. Improve horsepower and performance, yet retain the centerstand, oil filter and drain access. Reduced weight and increased cornering clearance compared to stock system. Will require rejetting of carburetor setup. Finished correctly in flat black. Does not only fit the '82+'83 ELR, can also be mounted to the KZ1000J/K+M models from '81+'82.
Code: ELR Kerker

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186mm X 24mm Black/White/Chrome Tank Badge for various models
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Code: KT01

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Quality front offfset sprockets for applications where a wider tire in a custom swing arm makes it necessary to offset the chain to the outside. Our front sprocket will offset the chain app. 1/2" (12 mm), which is pretty much the max you can go without having the chain rub against the frame.
Available for all commonly used 13-spline output shafts for the stock 630 chains as used on the 900 & 1000 engines up to 1980, as well as for 530 chains applications if needed.
Works well with our rear sprocket adapters for the 900 (drum brake) + 1000 (disc brake) rear wheel applications.

Code: OS

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Offset sprocket adapter for applications where a wider tire in a custom swing arm makes it necessary to offset the chain to the outside. This rear sprocket adapter will fit the 900Z1/900 rear drum brake wheel hub and offsets the chain app. 9/16" to the outside (15mm) to the outside to clear the tire. Works with our front sprockets i.e. OS15.

Code: ROA900

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Gauge Bracket for the KZ400 models, namely for all KZ400A/D/K and S models built from 1974 to 1978.
NOS Kawasaki Part Number 25008-037.

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Code: NOS 25008-037

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OEM # 92046-1115 Swingarm bearing replacement set as used on many Kawasakis from 1977 to 1983, incl. the KZ1000A/B models.

Code: SAB780

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If you're riding one of Kawasaki's classics, built when style was as important as performance, you deserve nothing less than one of Vance & Hines' classic Megaphone Exhaust Systems. These traditional exhaust systems were bred during the years that Terry Vance & Byron Hines were honing their skills on the drag strips of America and developing products that, in time, would become legendary. These exhaust systems are descendants of those many years of experience. Tuned length head pipes, tapered megaphone and collector are beautifully finished in brilliant chrome. These exhaust systems scream style and performance in true hot-rod tradition.

Available for all KZ650/900/1000 models from 1976 to 1980, will also fit the 900 Z1 from 1972 to 1975 if you use a self made custom bracket to attach the muffler to the frame.

Code: Vance+Hines Chome 4in1

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View Item Dare to be different with this combination turnsignal indicator/vibration dampener that mounts in the end of your handle bar! Sold in pairs they come with 3 adapter sets to fit most all handlebar sizes.
Code: HBS999S

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Exact Main Wiring Harness Reproductions for the 1978-1980 KZ1000D (Z1R) models.

Code: WHMZ1R

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Reproduction of the hard to find right-hand switch for the Z1 models from 1974 and 1975. Looks, works and hooks up just like the original. Will work on the 1976 KZ900 with minor modification of the electrical connection.

Code: RSP745

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Reproduction chain guard manufactured to original mounting specs suitable for the Z1, KZ900 and KZ1000 models from 1972 to 1980. Made from pliable and impact resistant ABS plastic it won't easily crack like the originals.
Code: CG780

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Exact reproduction of the LH and RH 1978-81 Z1R seat rails located underneath the seat on the side of the Z1R models. More pliable ABS plastic molds are reinforced and won't easily crack like originals. Sold individually, left or right.

Code: Z1RS

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Don't put your rare sidecovers in danger to get lost, only because the rubber grommets are dried out, fallen apart or completely missing. Essential for snug fit of your sidecovers are pliable rubber grommets, replace them in time with a set of fresh grommets.

Code: SCG720

Price: Set of 3 (mounts one sidecover) $ 12.00        View Item  Top